Striving to set the standard for excellence in the drywall and acoustics industry.

Safety at mk marlow

At MK Marlow Company, we strive to provide a work environment where employees truly feel that they are part of the team – a member of the MK Marlow family. Just as we make every effort to keep our own personal family members safe, we extend that same obligation to our entire employee base, and we expect our staff to show the same commitment in return. On-going education, training, and a zero-tolerance for unsafe work practices are the prime focus of our safety program.

Our commitment for safety, however, is not just reserved for our own staff. At MK Marlow Company we assure our safety practices help protect all other on-site crews and personnel as well. We not only provide an overall safety program, we also evaluate each individual project to address site-specific safety concerns. Most importantly, ensuring a safe working environment and accident-free projects safeguards and strengthens our relationship with our clients.

MK Marlow Company has recently partnered with Engineering Safety Consultants, Inc. in order to enhance our already proficient, award-winning safety program. Through this collaboration we can ensure timely and thorough new-hire employee safety orientations, continued employee training which includes a disciplinary program, frequent on-site safety inspections, and a periodic review of the overall safety program to make certain compliance with OSHA requirements.

Striving to set the standard for excellence in the drywall & acoustics industry.

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